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Commercial Mat Rentals

Improve safety while reducing cleaning and maintenance costs with floor mat rental solutions for your place of business.

Why Should I Rent Mats?


  • Avoid Slip and Fall accidents by keeping entrance and work areas clean and dry
  • The carpeted surface of the mat is more slip resistant than hard floor surfaces


  • Modern, attractive mat colours will compliment decors
  • Custom logo mats will further enhance image and branding
  • Your mats will look and perform better due to the cleaning service provided


  • Mats will help to prevent tired feet at work stations
  • Mats will insulate against cold floors

Maintenance Costs

  • Maintenance costs will be lower as almost all of the dirt in the building is brought through the front door

Protection of Floors

  • Mats will save every day wear and tear on carpeted areas
  • Mats will extend the finish on tile and VCT floors


  • No up-front investment
  • Less frequent stripping and waxing of tile floors
  • Worn mats are replaced
  • Services are provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you. Call 519-507-0912 for a commercial mat rental quote.